Tips for Buying Marketing Software

from people who deal with this process daily

Introduction 0:50

It’s not every day that brands and agencies go through the process of buying the world’s best marketing software. Lucky for you, we do this every day. Here’s what we’re hearing.

Start With “Why”? 2:10

Starting from the middle and trying to work both directions can make things a living nightmare. Procuring software is hard enough as it is, so start from the beginning and ask yourself “WHY?”

Evolve What’s Working 1:50

Speaking of starting from the beginning, don’t throw away what you’re already doing. Your team will be much more likely to adopt something if it’s an enhancement to current behavior.

Beware Of Walled Gardens 2:05

With all of the options available in the current technology landscape, the choices can be overwhelming. Be careful not paint yourself into a corner when making your decision.

Keep It Simple 1:13

K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid) has been a lasting staple of advertising and marketing. The same applies to the technology you’re putting in place for your team.

Know The Trends 2:00

Trends don’t just exist in the world of fashion. They might move a little slower than skinny jeans, but trends are just as important to marketing technology. Don’t make last season’s choices.

Think Macro + Micro 1:02

In the complex ecosystem of marketing teams, there exists a delicate balance of executives, practitioners, and everyone else. Understanding the complexities of each level is paramount.

Don’t Build It Yourself 2:38

The explosion of online video has created a world where you can learn to make your own wine, paint a masterpiece, and even fly a plane. Building a complex software solution is N-O-T advisably DYI.

Consider A Partnership 1:26

Software is only as good as the people who use it. As systems become more complex, look for a partner who can provide your humans the support they need to make the software even stronger.

Prioritize Adoption 1:18

Nothing is worse than spending time and money to get the perfect solution in place only to have little to no adoption. Know what makes your team tick before, during, and after implementation.

Prove ROI 1:55

If you’re making the investment to buy marketing software, your commitment should provide measurable value to your team and your company. Make the case and then prove it.

Gor For It! 2:04

There are many options that can massively benefit your team right now. Be the catalyst for change today and take credit for the achievement tomorrow.

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