The #1 Marketing Calendar

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Visualize Your Marketing Calendar

Introducing the only marketing calendar built around visibility and alignment. Our beautiful cross-channel marketing calendar connects TV, print, digital, social, email, media buying, outdoor, events, local initiatives, and more.

Keep teams coordinated and get total visibility into everything happening across your campaign.

Simple On The Surface,

Power Features Included

We started with the basics: “Which messaging and creative is launching, when, where, and for how long?” Then we built the entire platform around the calendar.

  • See the whole campaign, or just specific segments of it.
  • Use tags to organize and track marketing efforts by brand element, topic, event, product category, theme or campaign.
  • Filter campaigns by platform or topic to quickly find what you need.

Manage enterprise activity and coordinate operations across multiple channels with a solution optimized for adoption. ATOMIZED is the layer on top that stitches everything together and visually displays what’s going on under the hood.

Benefits for Your Marketing Team

✓ 100% Visibility  ✓ Team Alignment  ✓ Speed & Control  ✓ Efficiency & ROI

All In One Place
  • TV, Print, Outdoor
  • Digital, Social, Editorial
  • Radio, Audio, Video
  • And Everything Else
  • All In One Place
Calendar Management
  • Assign Tasks
  • Built In Workflow
  • Custom Notifications
  • Audits & Approvals
  • External Distribution
Integrates With
  • Asset Management Systems
  • Workflow Tools
  • Social Applications
  • Email Automation Software
  • Most Open APIs
Loved By
  • Marketing Operations
  • Marketing Managers
  • Creative Leaders
  • Practitioners
  • Agencies
Made For The Stage

Ready For Your Close Up

Bonus benefit: The presentation is ready to go! Open your Marketing Calendar any time for team meetings, creative reviews or executive briefings.


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