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Connectors – Your tools and teams together within ATOMIZED

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As part of the ATOMIZED product team, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking through the problems our clients and customers describe. Most of the time, they boil down to one overarching theme – “I just want to be able to get my work done easily”. Managing an effective marketing process these days is hard workbut I don’t think it has to be.

Processes have evolved into a complicated mess of communication tools, asset management platforms, and brand/campaign management suites that (paradoxically) both simplify and complicate a team’s life. It’s no wonder that one of the most common complaints we hear from users before they begin using our ATOMIZED is “we have had a hard time seeing the big picture.” That pain point is something our team has endeavored to solve, because without a tool focused on visualization, seeing your overall content strategy between different siloed environments is kind of like herding cats.

But we quickly learned that to achieve that goal, our team had to aspire to something even bigger. We needed to become a tool that not only helps to plan your strategy, but also collects and brings relevant information together for you as part of that visualization. So we partnered with two of the best integrations platforms out there to make that a reality – Azuqua and Zapier. I won’t go into boring technical details or ramble on about things like API keys. Put simply, ATOMIZED connectors can harness the functionality and information of all your tools and provide a ‘centralized’ heads-up display of what’s happening within your brand and campaigns.

Imagine having content automatically created within ATOMIZED each and every time something is uploaded to an asset management solution (e.g., Widen, Drive, Dropbox, etc.). You could also automate status updates between ATOMIZED and your project management tools whenever content progresses through your workflow (e.g., Jira, Asana, etc.). Perhaps you want to customize the system to send you notifications through your preferred communication method (email, Slack, etc.) when your team completes certain activities in ATOMIZED. When it comes to getting work done, we’ve got one thing to say – work smarter, not harder. To do that, you need your organization’s information in one central location so you can see where your brand and campaign are going.

If connectors sounds like something you’re looking for, sign up for a Premium subscription, or reach out to us at [email protected] to learn more about getting started with our Enterprise Azuqua connector subscription. You can also head over to our getting started guide on the Zapier beta connector,