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“We make visual marketing calendars for brands and agencies. Whether you’re working on an editorial calendar, marketing communications calendar, brand planning calendar or publishing calendar, we’ve got you covered. Forget the spreadsheets and workarounds for creative reviews and campaign planning. It’s time to give your content a new home.”

ChRiS Gomersall   Founder & CEO, ATOMIZED 

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“Atomized tackles these problems by giving marketers shared calendars to manage all their campaigns across different media, including print, TV, outdoor and online.”

Business Insider
“Atomized differentiates itself by amping up the visuals and letting teams easily see how their campaigns look on each channel.”

” [Atomized] allows marketers to plan and execute content-based campaigns while managing executions of that content on all screens and platforms, … it also provides a visual calendar-based resource for those marketers to help them ensure consistency in their messages.”

 “An explosion of new media platforms has created more opportunity than ever to reach consumers with a brand message. Marketers need to develop a creative strategy that takes into account what makes each platform unique.”

ChRiS Gomersall  – via AdExchanger

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“Atomized brings complex marketing efforts onto one page, resulting in consistent communication lines and streamlined collaboration across teams.”

 – Mike Hibbison, The Home Depot

Cloud Based

Storing your content calendars in the cloud means more time collaborating and less time emailing different versions around.

Total Visibility

See what’s running on which platform, and how it compares to the rest of your marketing, before launch date.

Multiple File Formats

Easily drag & drop images, text, video, and more for quick and easy comparisons. Dynamic content is also supported.

Versatile Collaboration

Keep some calendars private and make others available to entire teams. Multiple user types allows you to work the way you want.


Traditional advertising methods like print, TV, and outdoor remain a strong part of any campaign and digital is firing on all cylinders. People are spending more time on giant platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and new shiny objects pop up all the time. Each new ad format has its own language and use case, and that can be intimidating for marketers. As the audience grows more savvy, “repurposing” content with a simple copy and paste isn’t going to cut it.

ATOMIZED is a tool for marketing leaders to dial in their own voice and presence on each platform while staying true to the overall brand story. Stack TV, print, digital, social, out of home, and any custom row you create to compare your assets. Now it’s all in one place.

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"It's beautiful, fast, and an incredibly powerful tool for agencies. Displaying everything on one screen shows our clients the broader vision for their brand."

− Chris Tuff, 22squared

"Marketing is only getting more complex and fast-paced - Atomized brings all your communication efforts to one central location for a global campaign view."

− Ben Nemo, Facebook

"With communication channels and platform options growing so quickly, it's crucial for brands to maintain a single consistent voice across every point of contact with their audience. Atomized helps us keep it all straight."

− Justin Archer, Roar Groupe

Join the ATOMIZED Partner Community

ATOMIZED partners benefit from exclusive Product Training & Certification, Joint MarketingCustom Branded Integrations, Preferred Pricing, Event Sponsorship, Reselling Opportunities, Managed Services, Streamlined Procurement/Legal/Security processes, and more.

Candidates for this program include qualified Advertising Agencies, Systems Integrators, Consulting Firms, complementary Marketing & Analytics Applications, and Hardware Providers.

Designed For Marketers

ATOMIZED was designed with marketing and advertising content in mind. With a growing list of platforms and formats, this is one calendar to rule them all.

Push & Pull Data

We know that every team has a slightly different workflow, so we built an extremely friendly API. You have an option to layer ATOMIZED on top of a project management system, DAM, or (almost) whatever else you’re using.

Easy To Use

From the most junior intern to the most senior executive, our calendar was designed for collaboration. We’ve carefully designed our power features to avoid a crowded interface.

Responsive Design

Landscape, portrait, tablet, desktop, table, theater mode, you name it. We’ve got you covered.

Secure File Storage

ISO 27001, SOC 2, PCI DSS, FEDRamp, ISO 9001, DoD CSM certified. Not many people know what that means, but your CTO will love all the stats from our hosting partner, Amazon Web Services.

Premium Features

Connectors, Project Briefs, Live Rows, SMS Notifications, Archives, Filtered Calendars, Tags, and a catalog of other high performance features come standard with an ATOMIZED Enterprise subscription.

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