Introducing Version 1.4.19

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When did I say that? We’ve updated the activity log to show localized date and time.

Don’t worry about renaming that asset. Asset names will now pick up from the file name. (You can still change the name, of course).

Where did this come from? We’ve added origin calendar information to Live Rows showing in Filtered Calendars.

See more of your flight title. Flight cells now show more of the important information you need to see.


Bug Fixes

Users will no longer see the incorrect file when attempting to crop an asset.

Asset data will no longer disappear when importing a new asset into a split flight.

Welcome Version 1.4.8

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Feature Your Favorite Assets

We recently introduced the ability to upload up to 500 assets in a single flight. 500 assets is a lot, so we’ve also added the ability to feature which four assets appear on your calendar and show first in your Creative Detail Window. Feature assets by simply clicking the star that appears in the corner of the asset when you hover.

Grid View Just Got Better

We’ve made several improvements to Grid View, including consistent asset sizing, ability to view assets by a date range, and quick reference flight and asset titles.


We’ve updated the way you evoke notes without an asset. Instead of double clicking in the Creative Detail Window, click the notes symbol in the bottom right corner of a blank asset.


Assets in List View were appearing out of date order. We’ve fixed that and assets are now in order with newest assets appearing first.
Some users were experiencing issues editing their unarchived campaigns – we’ve addressed those.

Introducing Version 1.4.7

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Welcome Bookmarking

With 365 days in the year and overlapping projects on most of those days, we thought it might be nice to give our users a way to quickly get to the important dates they’re looking for. Cue bookmarks: anyone can create them, plus they’re collaborative, so any user in your calendar can use previously created bookmarks to bounce from date to date with ease.

Introducing Notes without an Asset

Previously, in order to make notes on flights, an asset had to already be in place. Well, we know in the real world that creative assets typically follow extensive notes, so we’ve made it possible to enter and edit your notes regardless of the presence of an asset. Simply double-click in an empty Creative Detail Window to activate.
Text flight


Search is back! Find what you need without digging.

Upload new file types We now support Adobe InDesign (indd), eps, tif, mkv and ogg files types.

Menu Revamps We’ve consolidated some of our menuing to keep things simple.

Delete old calendars at the admin level Previously, only calendar owners could delete calendars. Now admins can delete any calendar through Manage Account.


Initially, assets in list view were being sorted by their time stamp. Now all assets are sorted by date.

FLV file types weren’t playing in list view preview. We’ve fixed that.

Introducing Version 1.4.6

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Say Hello to Multiple Flights per Channel

Overlapping content on a single channel happens all the time for marketers and advertisers everywhere. Now you can visually represent that reality with multiple flights per channel.
Now, upload multiple flights per channel!

Welcome Multiple Assets per Flight

We really went for it, and upped the limit of assets in a single flight from 4 to 500.

Multiple assets per flight


Upload new file types – We now accept Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel and Adobe Illustrator (ai) and Photoshop (psd).

Text formatting added to briefs – Make your points. Bold your important content. Make your briefs even more powerful.


You may have noticed you weren’t able to @tag in the newly launched list view. You now can. Stay tuned for even more improvements to that feature.

Some users were having issues clicking buttons on video assets in split view. We’ve fixed that.

Introducing 1.4.2

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Say Hello to Row Groups

Row Groups give you the ability to keep your related content together in one visual space. Have multiple TV ads running in different languages? Need to keep your competitors’ Instagram Live Rows out of the way of your planning content? Group them together!

Just click “Group Row” in an active Row menu. From there, create a new group or choose an existing group to add your active Row to. You can even assign your groups a color for quick visual reference.

Group Row Action Shot Grouped Rows