Introducing Version 1.4.23

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We’ve been hard at work, making various improvements and fixing reported bugs. Here’s the latest!

  • Your user icons will no longer disappear when switching views.
  • Twitter live rows are now showing text assets in calendar views.

Introducing Version 1.4.19

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When did I say that? We’ve updated the activity log to show localized date and time.

Don’t worry about renaming that asset. Asset names will now pick up from the file name. (You can still change the name, of course).

Where did this come from? We’ve added origin calendar information to Live Rows showing in Filtered Calendars.

See more of your flight title. Flight cells now show more of the important information you need to see.


Bug Fixes

Users will no longer see the incorrect file when attempting to crop an asset.

Asset data will no longer disappear when importing a new asset into a split flight.

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