Run the Calendar,

Own the Room.


Get everyone on the same page (literally) before, during and after your client reviews.

Show Your Vision

When clients have a clear picture of where you want to take them, make way for bigger thinking and more opportunities.

Be Sticky

It's no secret that brands want their agencies in lock step. Take the lead. Own the license. Be indispensable.

Win Business

Show off your technology chops by having this solution in place before the pitch even starts.

The Atomization of Content

We were born from the depths of agency life

Founded by agency vets and constantly tailored to suit the needs of a rapidly growing landscape of marketers. We’ve built a product that’s powerful enough to handle the rapid evolution of platform strategy and internal collaboration, yet easy enough for clients to use daily.

Competition is High

Important to you because it’s important to them

Everything we build is based on the needs of the world’s biggest brands. Hottest topics? “Alignment” and “visibility”. Your clients probably have one or both of these on their minds. Be the hero who solves two problems at once.

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“If you don't present this solution to your clients, another agency will.”

Brandon Rhoten - VP, Marketing @ Wendy's

“From CMO to the interns: ATOMIZED gives the ability to see the whole campaign, or just a segment, on the fly. This is the future of Marketing Tech.”

Chris Tuff - EVP, Content Marketing & Partnerships@ 22squared

“Right message, right people, right time. But don't forget about seeding a meaningful relationship between the customer and your brand. With ATOMIZED, you can do all of these things with less effort and greater impact.”

Kelly Stonelake - Creative Lead@ Facebook

“Brands want to see how their Snaps are aligned with the rest of their marketing strategy. ATOMIZED nails it.”

Adam Yates - Brand PartnershipsSnapchat

“Before ATOMIZED, we were drowning in spreadsheets, slides, print outs, and worst of all- email. Never going back.”

Justin Archer - CMO@ MoxieUSA
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