How to Ensure Consistent Brand Messaging Across Multiple Platforms

By December 1, 2016 No Comments

Your brand messaging is everywhere and it could be hurting your company

This is not uncommon for growing brands that begin to expand operations and for big companies that have so many mediums to track that quality assurance is hard. When a company brings on new team members or the brand begins to take on a new direction, brand messaging can sometimes get left behind. You may find that each media platform seems to be run by a different person, you just can’t seem to nail down a consistent voice for your brand blog, or your advertisements appear to be coming from completely different companies.

This type of inconsistency in your messaging can be a real brand-killer

Consumers are looking for brands they can connect with, and inconsistent messaging can make it very difficult to build customer relationships. In fact, a McKinsey & Company study showed that companies with strong and consistent branding are 20 percent more successful than those without. Not to mention that these inconsistencies make it near impossible to begin to develop brand recognition across multiple marketing platforms.

Your brand does not talk the same way on different platforms. For example, an email newsletter will not have the same messaging as an Instagram post but they both need to have the same branding and feel. With a little planning and the right implementation tools, you can be on your way to making sure that brand messaging is consistent across multiple platforms while taking advantage of the unique features and audiences each platform offers.

Start with a brand strategy

Most successful endeavors begin with a plan, and consistent branding is no exception. You’ll want to begin by creating a brand strategy that lays out your long-term plan for developing a successful brand.

Many companies make the mistake of thinking that their brand is the product they sell, the name of their company, or even their logo and colors. However, branding goes far beyond just these tangible elements. In order to create an effective branding strategy, your company should consider the following factors:

  • Purpose – Your purpose helps to differentiate you from your competitors and it should go far beyond just “making a profit.”
  • Emotion – Consider what emotions your brand evokes and how your brand plans to connect with customers on a deeper and more emotional level.
  • Consistency – Creating a style guide is a good place to start in setting a plan for brand image and message consistency across platforms.

After you’ve developed a branding strategy, you can use this document as a guide to keep brand messaging consistent for all marketing projects. However, if you really want to keep your messaging consistent, you’ll need to use content tools for a successful follow-through.

How a content calendar keeps messaging consistent while innovating on new platforms

One of the best ways to ensure that your brand messaging is consistent across is to create a content calendar. This offers a big picture look at messaging across platforms and mediums, allowing you to check for inconsistencies and see where there are gaps in your content needs. This is particularly helpful for large brands that have many different team members working on creating content for each platform as it helps every team member stay on the same page throughout the course of the campaign.

Whether you already have an existing content calendar that is not working or you are just starting to develop a content calendar, you want to look for a robust content calendar tool that allows you to integrate all of your content outlets and manage execution across platforms. You might also consider a content calendar that allows for communication and collaboration across teams to streamline the execution process.

ATOMIZED allows you to do just that by bringing all your marketing efforts to one page and making it possible for collaborators to clearly communicate. The central dashboard gives you a helpful overview of all brand messaging, which allows you to ensure that messaging is consistent across platforms.
If you’re interested in all the ways that a content calendar can benefit your brand, contact ATOMIZED today for more information.